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Nov 15, 2012 9:00am PST
wave the white flag first. joining us now, former governor of new mexico and former u.n. ambassador, mr. bill richardson. a pleasure to have you on the program, mr. richardson. >> thank you, alex. >> let's focus first on the mccain, graham, ayotte piece which seems to be political the fact they're calling for watergate style investigations and at the same time, john mccain isn't attending the high-level security briefings relating to the incident. >> well, first, the congress does have a legitimate role in oversight on benghazi, on nominations but, however, this seems to be getting political though senator mccain is an honorable man. i've known him for many year, but so is ambassador rice. i've known her. she's for thorough professiona. the u.n. ambassador is a cabinet member. but the u.n. ambassador's role is in new york dealing with security counsel, sanctions on iran, sanctions on north korea. you're not in the daily ma maelstrom in washington, d.c. the information that the intelligence community provided her at the time, but that intelligence changes. so i think the president is rig
Nov 7, 2012 9:00am PST
this afternoon is s say, mr. president, let's do comprehigration reform right now. we got to get the hispanic vote -- if republicans are -- mitt romneihy got 26, 27% of the hispanic vote last night. if that's the trend down from john mccain, down from george bush, if that's t not just a -- a unsuccessful party you're a extix party. >> a huge opportunity forrepublicans. they can step rning. "the new york times" writing this is not reagan's america anymore. what the democrats have is effectively the new coalition of america. >> i think following up on john's point, the reality that the repub a new america, they're em boldnd because now we not afraid boehner, and we're not afraid of you tea party. we beat you. and nowou've got to deal with6 y! the reality that those issues and those things you represented, don't fit. so if survive as a mainstream you're going issue. it's not about just getting a guy have a you're goi ppeal to the latinos, african-americans and gays or thoser their support based on their bas >> i'm to both thehere. for the republican party your know what our new real
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)